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Stanley Allan Sherman founded RCCU in 2001 with Hovey Burgess and Julie Goell and combined their teaching, performing, acting, directing, writing and mask making talents to give students a firm grounding in Classical Commedia dell'Arte. Along with special guest teachers RCCU offers an integrated Commedia dell'Arte program of characters, masks, history, rhythm, Hébertism, music, mime, movement, dance, props, acrobatics, skills, improvisation, lazzi, scatology, scenarii* and more. With Julie and Hovey developed this strong program. Julie Goell passed on recently 1951 - 2016. Hovey Burgess is now in semi-retirement. Stanley since then is growing this program bringing in special experts that contrubut to this unique full program.

RCCU is committed to strengthening and drawing out the individual qualities of each student. Participants learn the physical style of Commedia dell'Arte as we believe it was "then" and how it may be used "now" as a creative tool for actors, performers, directors and teachers. Roving Classical Commedia University* would like you to simultaneously experience the momentum, effort, historical, physical, joyful and risky style of the Commedia dell' Arte.


…You have enriched our department, brought masterful training to our program, and supplied our actors with a golden experience…I would strongly encourage educators, directors, and actors to work with you…
Steven Dennis, MFA
DeSales University

…you illuminated the world of classic commedia, mask work, physical comedy, and spirit of farce…I am convinced that the truths and techniques you taught will serve these actors in any production style they may attempt in the future…
E, Terea Choate, MFA, PhD
Kean University

It is not just about Commedia but developing skills for acting and connecting honestly with moment-to-moment impulses in improvising and in performing. I am going to recommend you to all of my students and colleagues.

Professor Judith Chaffee
Boston University

*scenarii, plural for scenario



RCCU's philosophy on teaching Commedia dell'Arte

New York Theatre Wire:"Il Dottore Explains It To Us All" by Stanley Allan Sherman, 2006

Back Stage "Commedia Tonight" by Jean Schiffman, February 26, 2007

Commedia dell'Arte: The Essential Secenario - Actors Freedom

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We consider Jacques Lecoq 1921-1999 and Carlo Mazzone-Clementi 1920 - 2000
the masters of Commedia dell'Arte of the 20th century.

Thank you Jacques Lecoq and Carlo Mazzone-Clementi.

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