RCCU's philosophy on teaching Commedia dell'Arte:

Commedia dell'Arte informs our innovative choices and everything we do in theatre.

  1. We do not modernize the Commedia dell'Arte for you. That is a choice we feel you can make on your own. For us to tell you a Commedia dell'Arte character is like person "X" in our society today would be limiting your choices and imagination.
  1. Our sense of the Commedia dell'Arte stereotype characters is based on:

    a. History

    b. The interpretations of Jacques Lecoq and Carlo Mazzone-Clementi (our teachers/mentors)

  2. c. Choices we have made through our research working with Commedia dell'Arte, performing and performance

  3. The goal of RCCU and our guest teachers is to bring Commedia dell'Arte to life as close as possible to the original performed in the 1500 and 1600's.

This amazing art form has influenced theatre, circus, dance, opera, music and more since the 1500's.